Machete Kills

Released on October 11, 2013 0 comments

Danny Trejo is a true original, in an industry that is run by pop culture followers and thrives on parody. When it comes to actual Hard Cases with a true checkered past (are you listening Steven Segal?) Trejo ranks near the top.

He came on our radar years ago, playing a button man in “Death Wish 4 – The Crackdown.” It was a laughable flick, but in his few short scenes, Trejo left an impression, with a face that even then was its own character, rugged and chewed up, defying conventional Hollywood and its go-to pretty boys.

He’s been in some solid productions, Michael Mann’s “Heat,” and Robert Rodriguez’ “Desperado,” come to mind. He’s also been in some moronic panderings – like last year’s “Bad Ass.” No matter, as he’s worked consistently for 30 years, mostly in character roles.

There’s no question 2010’s “Machete,” was his ticket to leading man status, and now he’s back with directing buddy Rodriguez for the sequel “Machete Kills.”

These gore fests are meant to be nothing more than gratuitous folly, with simplistic, graphic-novelesque stories and cartoonish action. If taken seriously, they can be mind-numbingly excessive. Though as offered flicks like these, as well as others like “Hobo With A Shotgun,” are nothing more than dirty jokes, amusing and quickly forgotten.

Then again there are some fabulous ladies in this edition. Hard to argue with Jessica Alba and Amber Heard.

Trejo’s on-screen presence argues for more meaty and serious work. He is certainly capable, though in today’s Hollywood, it’s hard to pass on a steady check. At least he doesn’t pretend to take himself too seriously, as all of his comedic turns can attest.