Don Jon

Released on September 27, 2013 0 comments

Scarlett Johansson and Julianne Moore trying to cure a guy of his issues with emotional reticence, a guy who also just happens to have an addiction to porn. Which frat boy with severe mommy issues came up with this?

We figured this was another attempt by the industry to turn a male lead leads into a sniveling pansy – except that wasn’t the case. This happy-go-lucky tale involves a guido-ish guy who drives a muscle car, works out obsessively and chases women. Then there’s the porn thing. This is the brain child of Joseph Gordon Levitt, who wrote and directed for the first time.

Levitt is still trying to break through to the A-list, and he is capable of excellent work. Last year’s roles offered him at his best and worst. In “Looper,” he worked against type as a battle weary, Time-Copish hitman. He pulled it off, despite a pair of contacts that gave his eyes the look of a Bengal Tiger. That was followed by “Premium Rush,” an awful mess of a romp through New York City on the saddle of a bike messenger, one who gets ensnared in the dirty dealings of a bad cop. Even two gorgeous female co-stars couldn’t save this one, another flick where Levitt was forced to play an upbeat though juvenile youngster, a role he outgrew years ago.

Now he’s back with “Don Jon,” all about alleged sexual deviate who’s got a pair of women trying to save him, one younger and hotter, one older and probably more maternal. Despite the fact that porn is frequently the crutch of the sexually undernourished, it still sounds to us like the guy’s batting over .700

So why do these women feel he needs to be saved? Maybe because in the end he’s got his shite more together than the two of them put together.