Released on September 6, 2013 0 comments

Why does the industry keep pushing Vin Diesel?

He was lucky to get cast in the first Fast and Furious and most of the sequels, which are nothing more than diversions for teenage boys with no sex life. Nothing to hang a career hat on. He’s become something of an action star even though his star quality and charisma are somewhere below sub-freezing levels.

When he’s had to actually act, he’s failed with extreme prejudice.

So of course with the Studio Chuds in the midst of their worst summer in years, it’s no surprise they’d trot out the morose skin-dome to try and recoup some of their bad investments.

“Riddick,” is a prequel, well-deserved because “Chronicles of Riddick” and “Pitch Black” were such an Oscar Worthy romps. Ok,we admit they weren’t aiming high with that one, but they also seem to be shooting even lower with this latest effort.

We just wish they’d quit foisting the untalented Diesel on us, one of many whose flicks are forgotten within an hour of viewing.