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Even with four wide-release movies debuting this weekend, it was hard to pick one in our wheelhouse. We’ll pass on “The Butler,” and wish it well, while Ashton Kutcher trying to channel Steve “Jobs,” is amusingly ludicrous and not worth discussing. The same can be said for “Kick Ass 2.”

Which only leaves us with the corporate espionage flick “Paranoia,” featuring Gary Oldman and a shaven-headed Harrison Ford as bickering corporate competitors.

The narrative runs through an up and coming youngster Oldman intimidates into infiltrating Ford’s company to steal as many of the golden eggs as possible. The newcomer is some guy named Liam Hemsworth, younger brother of that other Hemsworth – the sexually confused Thor. Though a bit leaner, little brother looks a lot like his tights wearing, hammer-throwing sibling. Little Liam’s thespian skills are no better.

Amber Heard floats around this one as well, very pretty, very distant, and as far as the plot is concerned, very unnecessary.

Of course, “Paranoia” can only work on the strength of its two veterans, which is why it ultimately falls short. Oldman is one of the best actors in the game, maybe ever, but here he sleep-walks as a sneering piss-ant with a bully complex. Ford is even less convincing, both as a creative genius and a Titan of Industry. If you remember how hopeless he was as a CEO in the remake of “Sabrina,” you’ll understand what we mean.

The entire two hours has the feel of an episode of USA’s “Suits,” meaning there are far too many exquisitely tailored guys trying to act tough, who instead come off as sadly neurotic and desperate.