We’re The Millers

Released on August 9. 2013 1 comment

As far as ludicrous premises for summer flicks go, this one isn’t half as bad as it sounds. Low level drug dealer loses his merch and is forced by his supplier to perform a make-good, which involves bringing a huge shipment across the border.

Maybe we’re just tired of the never-ending flicks about the end of the planet, Zombies, or sexually confused dudes flying around in tights and capes.

We are, in fact, so worn down by the mediocrity of summer that we actually think a movie featuring Jason Sudeikis as a leading man and Jennifer Aniston as an aging stripper might be a healthy alternative to Matt Damon’s latest waste of time about what else?, the World in peril.

Sudeikis can be mildly amusing, but has never had to carry leading man duties. He was great as the low-key boyfriend on the first few seasons of 30 Rock, and had a great turn imitating the VP for all those years on SNL. As a guy who has to rent a fake family to fool border patrol agents, he’s perfectly serviceable. After all, we’re not talking about the script from “Chinatown.”

Unlike Sudeikis, Aniston is at the end of her hottie A-List phase. Not only have most of her films been forgettable, but she also had the misfortune her former husband upstaging her with Angelina. She has always seemed nice and for the most part capable, but as a movie star she never caught on, certainly not as she did during her Rachel days on friends. And while she keeps herself in great shape, but she’s far beyond the days when should could convincingly pull off a pole dancer, even a tarnished one with the heart of gold.

Still, “We’re The Millers” features no aliens, no outlandish special effects, and no actors overcompensating with HGH abs.

So what the hell, it’s only 14 bucks.

  1. mark s. says:

    Either you’re blind or gay. She looks hotter than ever.