2 Guns

Released on August 2, 2913 0 comments

They should have called this one “2 Chuds.”

This town seems incapable of getting the message that Marky Mark Wahlberg is no movie star. He has no presence, isn’t funny, and comes across as a few chromos above idiocy.

Denzel Washington is a different story, an actor with some talent who seems incapable of picking a decent script. (“Flight,” was highly overrated in all respects.)

We freely admit very few A-Listers seem interested in making decent movies. There’s simply not enough money in it, plus their ballooning egos couldn’t handle a trailer without a full kitchen.

But to saddle us with one cheesy, repulsive and unwatchable film after another is an assault on good taste, and this summer has been one big assault, more so than usual.

So here we go again. This time a pair of wanna-be hipsters rip off some small town bank, only to find out it was a front for some bad dudes. They’re given a day to return it. Did we mention they’re both cops? Or a script that was probably scrawled by a 5th grader? All that and Denzel wearing an OTB Fedora. What’s not to love?

If you want to see it, go soon. It will fall out of theaters in 2 weeks. Better yet, wait for Netflix. It will be available there in about six weeks.