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It looks as though Johnny Depp’s zaniness has finally worn too thin, even for his core group of blind followers.

“The Lone Ranger” was thoroughly gunned down this 4th of July weekend by “Despicable Me 2,” which brought in some $85 Million. Kemo Sabe could only muster $30, which might sound ok until you measure it against the reported $250 million it cost to make.

Sorry Johnny, it’s a bomb, and as much as we’d like to blame the 6-5 inch walking dial tone who played your partner, everyone knows this one’s all your fault.

Depp has been playing with box office fire for years now. “Dark Shadows,” “The Rum Diary,” “Alice In Wonderland?” These were hideous flicks that hid behind Depp’s on-screen weirdos. Looks like playing Tonto with a dead crow on the head was one step too far. True, the movie was poorly done, with a meandering story, non-charismatic lead and weak villains. But this was Depp’s game to win or lose, and he lost badly.

We’d like to think he’d now consider giving serious acting a try, especially considering he never passes up a chance to mention his great friendship with the departed Marlon Brando. Though the truth is, Depp has become frightened to play anyone who’s not an eccentric buffoon.

His last try at normalcy was in “The Tourist,” where Angelina Jolie ran circles around him. It’s hard to remember him ever being worse, even back in the TV Jump Street Days. To be fair, the movie was awful, much more so because he was so glaringly outclassed.

Then again, when you can gear up for another tour as the boorish Jack Sparrow, and keep feathering your financial nest, why bother aiming higher?

Maybe the last laugh’s on all of us for expecting him to be better.

  1. jo jo says:

    How can you bag on captain jack? Those movies have made billions. I doubt Jonny depp cares what you think.