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After an obnoxious marketing campaign, it was no surprise that “The Heat,” brought in just under $40 Mil for its initial weekend. Despite her latest choice, we still like Sandra Bullock and wish her well.

We don’t like Melissa McCarthy, but not for the obvious reason that she takes up too much of the screen. (Though that is a time bomb she should address, for her family if nothing else.)

No, McCarthy’s problem is that she calls herself a Comedian. Thing is, she isn’t funny, just morbidly obnoxious.

Sam Kinison used to scream through a large portion of his act. However, he had incredible insight and depth, so his rants were poignant as well as hilarious. McCarthy and those who scribble her weak jokes seem to believe that being perpetually rotund and belting out toilet jokes with foul language will automatically transcend into laughter. As usual, they’d be wrong.

At issue is McCarthy herself, hyper-sensitive and taking issue with anyone who questions her appearance or her brand of comedy. One day she might come to realize she’s become a one-trick actress, portraying nothing except apple-faced fools. Though not anytime soon, unfortunately.

It‘s a shame, because there might just be some talent lying under all that raging. One day we’d like to find out.

  1. kristie says:

    She isn’t that bad. You are too hard on her and movies in general.