White House Down

Released on Friday, June 28th 0 comments

It would be much too easy to simply destroy this latest moronic effort from the Hollywood nitwits, all about the White House getting all Defcon 1 to repel some sort of terrorist attack. If that wasn’t bad enough, it co-stars Channing Tatum, the double-digit IQ Cyclops studio toads can’t seem to get enough of.

So instead of all that, we’d rather wonder out loud what has happened to the career of Jamie Foxx?

With the exception of last year’s Django, which was much more a Tarentino vehicle than an actor’s project, Foxx has made a number of horrible choices since his 2004 Oscar winning turn in “Ray.”

The Foxx CV over the past 8 years offers up sewage like “Horrible Bosses,” “Due Date,” “Valentines Day,” “Law Abiding Citizen,” and “The Kingdom.”

Before that he’d been spot on as Rico Tubbs in the underrated “Miami Vice,” and chillingly channeled Bundini Brown in “Ali.” Maybe this is the problem. Foxx got his start on television’s sketch show “In Living Color.” That format let him enhance his impressive skills as a mimic, ones he also flashed in cameo’s on the brilliant “Chappelle’s Show.”

Foxx best work since has come playing real figures or, like Rico Tubbs, re-imagined fictional heroes carved out by others several years earlier. It’s when he’s had to make himself into an original character that his performance have suffered. The scripts certainly don’t help, so it isn’t all his fault, and we’ve got to believe he’s still got a great amount of mileage to get out of his talent.

We certainly hope so. Garbage like this won’t help. He might be playing the President, but he’s alongside Tatum, who ruins almost everything he’s ever been in.

Not that anyone could have saved this sea pickle from the bottom of the septic tank.