This Is The End

Released on June 12 2013 0 comments

The food at the media junket for “This Is The End,” must have been extraordinary. How else to explain the fawning, follower crowd bending so low to kiss the behind of a flick that is so obviously bad?

When it comes to the pundits who review for the biggies, there is no shortage of soul-selling, especially when too many negative reviews can lose one their free screening passes and occasional face to face sessions with the likes of the Weinstein Blobs.

No matter how many times this silly town trots him out, Seth Rogen and chubette Jonah Hill will never be worth watching. Every time we’re forced to sit through their work we feel 10 IQ points slower for the privilege. Rogen’s now directing as well, along with his equally untalented writing partner, though calling these two writers is a bit like calling Pit Bull a singer.

Though if the Rogen/Hill dynamic was the only thing about “The End” we could knock, we’d have likely given the scribe pansies a pass for their ludicrous reviews. Unfortunately there’s more, much more. Seth and his cadre of idiots have also jumped on the current hot topic here in Idiot-town: The apocalyptic end of humanity.

Already this year we’ve had mighty mouse Tom Cruise in “Oblivion,” Will Smith and offspring in the brutally conceived “After Earth,” and next week we’ll get Brad Pitt from zombies. So why wouldn’t we want the unobservant, slacking Rogen entering the fray with what they’d like us to believe is a comedy, though is instead an annoying pile of stunted, adolescent sewage?

Because of the proliferation of bad flicks over the past 10 years, the once noble profession of movie critic has morphed into two camps: The griping angst nuts or the disingenuous shills re-writing bad press releases. Hollywood wants its flock on the train, and it shamelessly rewards sellout behavior from the 4th estate. Gift baskets and flavored water will always trump non-conformity

Rogen is only one of many who’ve brought these once-decent folks to their knees, where they beg like docile puppies to stay inside the tent.

How else to explain the high praise of such pathetic endeavors like “This Is The End?”