The Purge

Released on June 7, 2013 0 comments

What an aptly named flick this is, seeing as 20 minutes in you’ll be ready to hurl.

Once again we’re being subjected to another bleak future examination, from a bunch of toads who’s idea of a hard day being forced to park their own cars. Maybe if this one was made in Syria or Somalia we could understand the nature of the narrative. No, this is middle and upperclass America, doing what they do best most of the time – nothing.

No this is about good old American apathy, the kind that has those with means living behind gates or in planned communities, so scared of anything beyond their silly property lines they do anything to give themselves some form of comfort, while the rest of humanity be damned. Hunger Games touched on this, serving up children once a year for a killing contest right out Gladiatorial times.

“The Purge” is a far more devious concept, the title referring to the one night a year when all the worthwhile folks, (well-off and mostly white) shut themselves into their fortress like homes while the streets become a war zone celebrating the obliteration of anyone who can’t defend themselves, while everyone else watches the spectacle on CNN. Ethan Hawke is as weak a presence as ever, explaining to his children why such a ritual is necessary: Because the other 364 days a year everyone works, unemployment sits at 1 percent, and crime is almost non-existent. Of course, Hawke and his passive wife are calmly enjoying their computers and treadmills when their headstrong daughter decides she can’t take it and lets in a young man who’s being hunted by the local mob. With their home security compromised, the rabble-rousers show up and start demanding Hawke and his family give the young man up for sacrifice. Did we forget to mention all the killing folks wear joker-esque deviation masks? Thereby taking a page out of 2008’s “The Strangers,” which was a far better 2 hours than this shite.

Over the past several years the industry has embraced films where so-called good people march along and do what their told, basking in the “just don’t hurt me,” frame of mind. This is because like the population at large, the Dark-suited Vaders who green light movies never had any balls anyway, and are just trying to hang on until their vested, their kids’ colleges are paid for, and their second homes are renovated, not necessarily in that order.

So it’s no wonder most of the films they put out are so uninspired. To live the right way, one actually has to be willing to take chances, get into a few dust-ups, and howl at the moon. Teaching your children to be pathetically fearful does no one any good.

Trash like “The Purge” only proves our point.