As unapologetic and utterly straight heteros, we admit it was painful trying to watch Matt Damon riding Michael Douglas bareback in the HBO Liberace bio-pic, so much so we kept flipping for relief to a repeat of “Law And Order: Criminal Intent.”

Though it wasn’t the man-on-man wrestling that made this tawdry two hours of garbage unwatchable.

Instead, “Behind The Candelabra” suffered from the mechanical and thoroughly average direction of Steven Soderbergh, the former A-Lister who has obviously lost it.

The repellant Liberace/Scott Thorson story, (a tale no one needed to see) plowed along like a creepy, soft-edged dream. It featured the ornate furniture, horrendous makeup and chewed scenery of an old school movie of the week, one better suited to the LOGO Channel. Soderbergh is so desperate to re-discover anything resembling a career, he’s sold his soul and flushed his craft.

“Magic Mike,” should have been our first clue, his valentine to a group of greasy, moronic male strippers. Admittedly we weren’t the target audience for that one, either.

Hard to imagine the guy who used to be so ambitious has thrown in the towel. Soderbergh needs to do something else for awhile, like hit the Buddhist garden and start repenting for stealing our money for the last several years.