Star Trek Into Darkness

Released on May 16, 2013 1 comment

With Iron Man still creaming the competition, this weekend’s release of a Star Trek sequel creates an amusing nerd buffet.

As we’ve said before, Sci-Fi isn’t our thing, especially fare as inane as this. We’ll give the producers credit for finding a younger version of Spock as creepy as Leonard Nimoy was, but beyond that anything else is lost on us. The geek contingent is Tinseltown’s bread and butter during the hot months, so we expect this will open and maybe even overtake that iron-headed douchefly.

Next weekend’s Memorial Day offerings are no better, pandering to the aging adolescents with another Hangover and Fast and Furious.

What a horrible and short-sighted way to open the summer.

  1. Jessica Brown says:

    I am knew to the Abram’s world of film making. I thought Into Darkness was a great example of turning an established series into an updated piece of magic. So many times has Hollywood attempted to update a tv series, movie, book, a play and miss the target by a long shot. And they still continue to do so, making it clear that the end goal is not about artist integrity but making that easy buck.

    I am not ashamed to admit that I was in tears through out the movie and left the theatre completely infatuated with all the screenwriters had accomplished and Mr. Abrams.

    I am not familiar with the show, though I did grow up watching the cartoons, I could sense that the writers paid extreme attention to detail of past episodes and even though they pulled a switch on a crucial character role, they nailed it. Every scene had a purpose. Every character lived a purpose. Mr. Quinto delivered a remarkable performance of living “several emotions at once,” all the while not ever stating what he was feeling at that time. He never had to because you could see it written all over his face as the emotions played out in his mind. A fine actor is he and I feel that it is sad, that he, that role, would never be considered for an academy award, etc.

    In the end… as the film maker I desire to be, Mr. Abrams accomplished a style of directing that I have been desperately trying to find within myself. With the help of a solid script, he created magic. Into Darkness, may be a frame of reference for me whenever I go to the drawing board for developing my screenplays, etc.

    I had doubts about the future of Star Wars, but I am beginning to see a glimmer of hope, with Mr. Abrams attached.

    Thank you for your time! I enjoy your website and reading your reviews!