Date: March 24,2013 1 comment

The weekend tally makes us smile as “Admission” bites the dust with a light whimper, making way for big winners “The Croods,” and “Olympus Has Fallen.”

Croods is some kind animated Cave Person tale, so we could hardly care less, though $45 Million is impressive for an opening 3 days. Olympus is the ridiculous tome about a takeover at the White House, full of exploding Black Hawk helicopters and scenery munching bad guys. Then again, it coughed up $30 Million, so expect at least two sequels.

As mentioned, it’s nice to see the tanking of “Admission,” and not because we have problems with Tina Fey. She makes lousy movies but is tre smart and “30 Rock” was superb.

No, our problem is with the stupefyingly untalented Paul Rudd, who is one of the poster she-males for all that’s wrong with today’s men. As wimpy as he is soft, Rudd only gets great parts because he is the least threatening lead in the past 20 years. We can only hope that because his last few movies have flushed badly, his streak of landing big-time roles might finally be nearing an end.

  1. Mike Vaughn says:

    I have to agree with you on Paul Rudd. He’s good in supporting roles, but overall he’s not leading man material, even for comedies. Plus the pairing of Tina Fey and Paul Rudd was very confusing to me. It must have been the same for others, hence the flop.