The Indredible Burt Wonderstone

Released on March 15, 2013 0 comments

Much like Will Ferrell, Steve Carell’s so-called career seems to have stalled. Jim Carrey’s has been on life support for years.

So why would anyone bother with “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone,” one of the more inane titles in a year already filled with them?

Carell and Steve Buscemi inhabit some creepy hybrid of Sigfried and Roy, two guys plenty creepy enough in their own right. They sport puffed blond wigs and Liberace-esque pants suits that even Hillary Clinton wouldn’t be caught in. The story sells the pair as overly-tanned, washed up nitwits being run out of town by Jim Carrey’s more modern-day illusionist, one who is channeling Greg Allman on a bender. Agent Jim Gandolfini, (also sporting a hideous wig) tells Carell he’s lost his touch and needs a big stunt to regain his mojo.

From there comes, in no particular order: Forced, ad-libbed jokes; A clear box stunt a la David Blaine; Overdone and tired sight gags; A badly miscast Alan Arkin, and finally Olivia Wilde, once again proving she might have left her best work on television’s “House.”

This will be flushed within three weeks and on Netflix in six.

Even then it won’t be worth the effort.