Dead Man Down

Released on March 8, 2013 0 comments

“Dead Man Down” won’t break any new ground with its premise of a hitter turning on his boss because he falls for a wronged woman.

But it still looks pretty decent, due to a strong cast.

Colin Farrell has always gotten an undeserved bum rap because of his penchant for strippers and showing up in some horrible flicks (Daredevil.) However the Irishman has chops, and this role is right in his strike zone: Weary bad guy looking for some form of redemption, even if that means taking a run at the monster who’s been signing his checks.

The Heavy, or Heavier Heavy as the case may be, is Terrence Howard, who might be too understated for some, but never fails to deliver. When he says he’s going to burn someone down, you have no doubt that person is not long for the living.

Add to this Noomi Rapace, the original “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.” She lit up screens as Lisbeth in the 3-part Swedish version, (Rendering Rooney Mara’s boring effort an afterthought.) In “Dead,” Rapace is the Femme Fatale, willing Farrell down the course to his destructive confrontation.

Taken as one, there’s more than enough reason to give this one a look.