21 And Over

Released on March 1, 2013 0 comments

The latest entry for the mutant idiot crowd hits the multiplexes this week.

“21 And Over,” looks just like “The Hangover” series. What a shock when we found it was written by the same Lame Tards.

The only difference seems to be the younger cast, while the bad plot twists and archaic sight gags remain. Once again, it’s revenge of the wimpy geek set, dressing up like woman, getting blind drunk, and then tossing their stomach contents.

At least the Hangovers have Brad Cooper, who projects decently and has a likeable, guy’s guy quality. The doucheflys in “21” are straight out of the new and not-improved young men’s playbook: Meaning they’re soft and have spent their teenage years in the company of other she-males.

It’s no wonder they hump teddy bears and run around wearing chick lingerie.