Released on February 22, 2013 0 comments

The Rock has always come off as a decent sort, parlaying the whole “Big Dude With A Soft Heart” into a career that’s lasted far longer than anyone would have expected.

Though along the way, he took a detour from the hard-headed action roles into the realm of family friendly. Eddie Murphy did the same thing, shunning his true nature and selling out an amazing talent in favor of the almighty “PG” rating. He’s not complaining as he’s made a fortune, but he hasn’t been on the razor’s edge for some 20 years. Whenever talk turns to Eddie’s greatness, it’s the angrier films we fondly remember, not the “Doolittle’s,” “Klumps,” or any of those other hideous misfires he’s unleashed on us.

As for Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, he’s trying to get back to his natural roots this week with “Snitch,” and it looks he might finally deliver. His character has to infiltrate a group of drug thugs if he has any chance of getting his son released from prison. The narrative looks surprisingly more fresh than most of the standard genre crap, and looks to be populated with double-crossing federal prosecutors. Certainly no stretch there.

The truth is, we’re just glad he’s rediscovered his priorities, and isn’t playing a Tutu-wearing tooth fairy.

Baby steps to be sure, but we applaud the effort.