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Once again proving it has little to no taste… the movie-trudging public flung their cash at “Identity Thief,” bringing it home as numero uno for the weekend haul at some $36 million. For a guy with little talent, Jason Bateman continues to have great luck foisting himself into films that undiscerning idiots will ante up for. Co-star Melissa McCarthy’s only talent seems to be in playing to her plus-size while staying red-faced and jolly. She isn’t breaking new ground. Jackie Gleason was one of the first to turn flab into an amusing sidekick.

“Warm Bodies” was second with $11 Mil and Side Effects sucked in a barely respectable $10 Million plus. Better than we thought it would do, considering the some of the atrocities Steven Soderbergh has turned out of late. (Check out our review for S.E.)

Then again, Soderbergh says he’s tired of filmmaking and is considering a jump to television, as if some 13 episode commitment from HBO is what we need. Sodo can barely keep our attention for 2 hours. A drawn out series from the guy might just put Advil PM out of business.

  1. oliver says:

    You’re pretty hard on out of shape people… and pretty hard on Jason Bateman. The guy was awesome in “Arrested Development.”